C# / Unity3D



Flow Field Test :

Massless particles in a 3D Flow Field


This is one of my experiments with Flow Fields using a randomized three dimensional field and massless particles floating within it. Each particle starts with an initial position and direction of movement which is altered over time as the particle moves through the randomized field. When a particle reaches the edge of the defined field it reflects from the boundary and loses some of its speed. Each particle uses a Trail Renderer, provided within the Unity3D environment, to display a short section of the particles' movement in a visually appealing manner.



Mass Orbital:

Emergent patterns from simple actions

This is a demonstration of some basic steering behaviors and shows how even simple operations can result in complex emergent patterns. This demonstration has one-thousand autonomous objects moving in three dimensional space each picking a single other object and attempting to orbit it at some distance. The steering behaviors implemented for this demonstration are: Align to Target, Move to Target, and Orbit Target.



NPC Life - Pathfinding:

500 Agents Moving About

This demonstration is a test of grid-based A* pathfinding with five-hundred independant agents all attempting to pick locations to move to while avoiding some obstacles represented by the gray circles surrounded by blue/purple boxes. Trails are shown as both visual candy and to display how the Agents move around their world.





Overlay Instance Test:

Interactive Demo: Mouse click to place a Decal.

Instanced Decals

This demonstration is primarily a test of Unity3D's Projector objects to create temporary decals on surfaces that fade over time.







Raindrops with Collisions

Using a minimal number of Unity3D supplied objects (primarily the Plane and Trail Renderer objects), I created a simple rain simulation that reacts to most if not all collidable surfaces. The bouncing physics for the rain needs a little work still since the raindrops currently act more like sparks on their first bounce.




Space Ships:

Ship to Ship warfare

One of my first attempts at creating a weapons test for a game I plan to develop, this demonstration shows two opposing forces: A large group of small fighter craft which use machine gun style weapons, and a small group consisting of two missile ships and two economic ships. The missiles are usually a little overpowered and more than half the time (in my personal tests) the missile ships will destroy all of the fighters. The explosions are programmer art, and lighten the mood of the scene significantly.



The Expanse:

Interactive Demo: W/S to change velosity, Q/E to rotate left or right. Move the Mouse to change heading.

Long journey ahead

In this demonstration there are fifty procedurally generated planets/moons surrounding a central star. The planets are filled in with more detail as you approach, but currently are not nearly as smooth in the LOD transitions as I would like. Each planet orbits the star and also rotates on an axis. I did not worry about planet-planet collisions or planet-player collisions for this version as I only wanted to test level of detail transitions and the perception of distance and size within the simulation.